New or Revised Service

Beginning the Process for New or Revised Service

Customers needing a new electric (or water) service or revising an existing service need to complete the Application for New/Revised Service and return it to our office via mail, email, or fax with the applicable fee. This form must be filled out completely and submitted with the application fee to be appropriately evaluated. Once it is received a Customer Service Representative will contact you to verify the information and accept payment (if not mailed). Customers inquiring about a new or revised water service also need to complete a Water Application. Customers without a current electric account must also complete the Residential Application.

Providing detailed electric load information and a site plan when submitting your application will serve to expedite the application process. Detailed information about the District's Requirements for Residential Electrical Service Connection are found here. Customers applying for parcels without a physical address must obtain an address to complete the Application for New or Revised Service. Customers within city limits (Raymond, South Bend, Ilwaco, or Long Beach) should call the appropriate city and customers in all other areas of the county can call the Department of Public Works at (360)875-9368.

After the application has been provided and the application fee has been paid the engineering department will analyze the request and be in contact via mail with the estimated cost of installing the service and further instructions. Please be patient as this process can take up to eight weeks. This should be accounted for when determining when to submit your application.

Current Application Fees effective 11/1/2021:

    Residential Single Phase: $150
    Solar Interconnection: $250

    Three Phase or Developer (more than 3 lots): $750

Don't know if your service is new or revised?

Requirements and specifications for installing residential electric service where it has not existed before can be found here. All new and revised services must be installed underground.

  • New Service Example:

    Where electric service has been off for over one year or never existed at all. This includes the addition of another meter to a site with existing electric service.

  • Revised Service Example:

    A current active service or a service that has not been off for one year or more where the customer wishes relocate and/or convert the service from overhead to underground or increase the service size (ex. 200amp to 400amp).

Customer Responsibilities

Customers must obtain an electrical work permit, install underground facilities from the meter base to the PUD access point, and have the installation inspected and approved by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, prior to the installation of service and connection by Pacific County PUD. Please check local requirements before beginning your project. For applicable wiring code requirements, contact the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries or a qualified electrician.

Time is needed for all engineering, permitting, and scheduling requirements before the construction of the new electrical service, so it is extremely important that customers turn in applications and complete requirements set forth by the District prior to construction. The installation process requirements and steps can be found on the first two pages of the Application for New/Revised Service.

To ensure your safety as well as Pacific County PUD employees' safety, the State requires all customer-owned equipment and wiring to comply with the National Electric Code (NEC), and State or local requirements.

The delivery of service by the District and its acceptance by the customer shall be deemed to constitute an agreement with and acceptance of the District's policies.

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